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'Designer names in House of Fraser will stay in Hull and open up own shops when store closes', says councillor

He said: "They were happily trading in House of Fraser and making money when the announcement was made. Franchises need to trade in order to make money." Cllr Hale said Princes Quay Shopping Centre would be the "obvious choice" to relocate franchises, but he pointed out there are a number of empty units elsewhere in the city centre , such as King Edward Street. Asked if he thinks franchises may choose to band together and open a large store, Cllr Hale said: "I would say that's the more likely option, but it's also possible one or two might take the plunge and open their own store." END OF AN ERA: House of Fraser is closing in Hull (Image: Anna Riley) Cllr Hale said there is compelling evidence to suggest younger generations are moving away from Internet shopping. "The demand is there," he said. "Millennials want the shopping experience, they want to be able to grab a coffee or get something to eat as they shop. "They want to be able to pick up clothes and try them on - things you can't do if you're shopping online." The future of the building is still explored, but Cllr Hale said the owner has intimated he wants to retain it for retail. "We may get one taker for the building," he said. "There could be a continued retail offer on the ground floor and basement level, with perhaps some apartments on the upper floors. There are a number of options." Meanwhile, Cllr Hale said the council remains "fully committed" to its proposed £130m Albion Square development.

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