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Where Can You Buy Shiplap?

It’s one of the most highly coveted design elements in the nation. Every modern farmhouse requires at least one accent wall that’s covered in shiplap. What exactly is shiplap, anyway? Loosely defined , shiplap is boards fitted together so each overlaps the one below it. Each panel has a little groove (called a rabbet) so the pieces click together closely. It gets its name from early shipbuilding methods, which employed this technique to create a watertight surface. Shiplap rocketed to popularity thanks to the show, Fixer Upper. Watching a few episodes of this hit series could lead you to believe that every house has shiplap hidden underneath all that boring drywall. In reality, shiplap construction is more popular in certain areas of the country than others. Unlike wood paneling, shiplap runs horizontally, not vertically. The material is typically used for outdoor buildings like barns and sheds.

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